How to Create Your First Funnel

Learn how to create an automated system that will allow you to CONSISTENTLY generate new leads and increase sales pretty much on auto-pilot.

HOW TO CREATE YOUR FIRST FUNNEL is a comprehensive online training that teaches you how to generate more leads and sales, pretty much on auto–pilot.

Throughout 7 video modules, we'll take an in–depth look at four different types of funnels, analyze dozens of case–studies and get our hands dirty by building every single funnel from scratch.

Once you're done with the course, you're going to have a good knowledge of sales funnels and, more importantly, you're going to have your funnel(s) ready to go.

You put in the heavy work once – with the help of step–by–step tutorials on building your funnel – and have a powerful asset (your funnel) that's not only ready to bring in leads and more money for your business, but that you can easily customize, duplicate and promote too.


Here's what some students are saying:

“Many marketing courses can introduce a lot of complicated concepts and intricate strategies that might work for big corporations, but aren't always effective for solopreneurs. Not Yann!

How to Create Your First Funnel focuses on the simple fundamentals of solid, time-tested marketing using funnels. The concepts found in the training can be applied to online products, launches, and more.

While Yann does a great job at keeping things simple and easy to understand, make no mistake: the concepts taught in this course are used by serious online marketers around the world. They work.

And Yann makes this information available without the high-minded mumbo-jumbo found in a lot of other courses I've taken. Definitely recommended!”

– James Wasem (

“I went through one fourth of the course and immediately started to implement what I had learned. I got 50 new students, WOW!

– Krystal Wascher (

“The training provides a lot of valuable information which I was able to use in my work as soon as I started going through the content. It gave me a fresh, more in–depth view on funnels.

I loved everything about the course: the structure, theory supported by actual case–studies and actionable, step–by–step​ tutorials for building, implementing and promoting different types of funnels.

I feel that every minute I spent watching How to Create Your First Funnel​ was worth it!"

– Magdalena Urbaniak (

"Building your first funnel can be a minefield, the only way to really avoid wasting stacks of time is to have someone in your corner.

And what better person than someone who's in the trenches actually doing stuff? If anyone got your back, it's Yann!"

– Steve Palfreyman (

What's included

58 videos
3 files
Business Online Marketing Email Marketing Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts as soon as you sign up and you'll get LIFETIME access to it (including to future updates)! You'll get access to over 2 hours of video lessons that you can watch and re–watch at your convenience.

How long do I have access to the course for?

See previous answer: you get LIFETIME access to everything, including future updates :-)

I have just started out, is the course for me?

If building an email list is one of the priority of your business and you're about to start selling something soon, then absolutely!

I'm selling something already, do I still need a funnel?

If you're looking to put your lead–generation and sales pretty much on auto-pilot, then yes. You need a funnel and, inside the training, I show you how to build one (or even several) from start to finish.

What does access to the training include, exactly?

Over 2 hours of video content (theory, 10+ case–studies and step–by–step tutorials), the companion workbook and access to the exclusive online community.

Is there a refund policy on the course?

You have 30 days to ask for a refund, from the day your purchased access. In order to receive a refund, you must show me that you actually did the work: you put in the effort, implemented what you learned in the training and really went full–force on your funnel. Please note that, when receiving your refund, you won't have access to the course nor online community anymore.

  Intro & Table of Content
  5 Reasons Why You Need a Sales Funnel
Module I – Sales & Growth Myths
  Sales & Growth Myths
Module II – Blueprint of a Funnel
  Funnel Blueprint
Module III – Different Types of Funnels
  a) Opt–In & Upsell Funnel Examples
  b) Product Launch Funnel Examples
  c) Evergreen Webinar Funnel Examples
  d) Email Course Examples
Module IV – Creating Each Funnel From Scratch
  How to Choose the "Right" Funnel
Module IVa – Building the "Opt–In & Upsell" Funnel
  Overview of the "Opt–In & Upsell" Funnel
  Creating and Hosting Your Freebie
  Setting Up the Email Autoresponder Sequence
  Tools to Build Landing Pages and Opt–In Forms
  Building the Landing Page
  Building the Thank You Page
  Building the Sales Page
  Creating and A/B Testing Different Opt–In Forms
  How to Customize the Link to Any Page
  "Opt–In & Upsell" Funnel Recap
  Case–Study: Instagram on Fire Sales Page
  Case–Study: Snappy Rush Sales Page
Module IVb – Building the "Product Launch" Funnel
  Overview of the "Product Launch" Funnel
  Building the Video Series Landing Pages
  Setting Up the Email Sequence for the "Product Launch" Funnel
  "Product Launch" Funnel Recap
  Case–Study: Ask Method Masterclass Sales Page
  Case–Study: Tribe Sales Page
Module IVc – Building the "Evergreen Webinar" Funnel
  Overview of the "Evergreen Webinar" Funnel
  Setting Up the Pre–Recorded Webinar in WebinarNinja
  How to Create an Opt–In Form and Connect It to Your Webinar Registration Page
  Setting Up the Email Sequence for the "Evergreen Webinar" Funnel
  "Evergreen Webinar" Funnel Recap
  Case–Study: Connect Sales Page
  Case–Study: Member Site Academy
Module IVd – Building the "Email Course" Funnel
  Overview of the "Email Course" Funnel
  The Email Sequence for the "Email Course" Funnel
  The "Email Course" Funnel Landing Page
  The "Email Course" Funnel Sales Page
  "Email Course" Funnel Recap
  An Alternative to the Email Course: the Challenge
  Case–Study: Booked and Paid to Speak Sales Page
Module V – Leveraging the Power of Urgency (to Sell More)
  A Definition of Scarcity Marketing and Tools to Create a Sense of Urgency
  How to Create a Scarcity Marketing Campaign With Thrive Ultimatum
  How to Sell When People Express Interest But Don't Buy
Module VI – Marketing Your Funnel(s)
  Marketing Your Funnel(s) – Introduction
  Marketing Your Funnel Through Blogging and Guest Blogging
  Marketing Your Funnel Through Podcasts
  Marketing Your Funnel With Emails
  Marketing Your Funnel Through Virtual Summits
  Marketing Your Funnel on Facebook
  Marketing Your Funnel on Twitter
  Marketing Your Funnel on LinkedIn
  Marketing Your Funnel on Instagram
  Marketing Your Funnel With Live Video
  Marketing Your Funnel on
  Marketing Your Funnel Through Paid Advertising and Affiliate Marketing
Module VII – Funnel Launch Checklist
  Ticking All the Boxes
  Final Considerations
How to Create Your First Funnel – Workbook & Resources
  How to Create Your First Funnel – Companion Workbook
  1–Page Funnel Launch Checklist
  Video Creation Toolkit

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